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  • Resto Kertanegara
Kertanegara Indonesian Restaurant Kertanegara Indonesian Restaurant


Rumah Makan Kertanegara

Just like how we love delicious details, we also love to serve you those delicacies in dishes to be enjoyed alongside our restaurant’s unique atmosphere.

Located at the heart of Malang, Indonesia, Rumah Makan Kertanegara is a restaurant with classic and unique Java nuance. It was founded on 2007 with a commitment to spoil the tongue of culinary connoisseurs by serving various types of food: Indonesian food, Chinese food, seafood, and grilled food.

Rumah Makan Kertanegara also provides meeting room with projector facility, Wi-Fi area, live music, as well as a large and safe parking area. All of those plus accessible location are making Kertanegara the right choice to hold various events such as wedding, anniversary party, meeting, social gathering, or reunions.

Daily Serving

Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Contact us for special events and occasions.